Mindful birth and parenting online

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Mon Sep 28, 5:30 PM - Mon Nov 23, 8:00 PM, 2020 (AEST)

9 week birth and parenting course
For couples or singles looking for quality, skills based online birth and parenting preparation.

Mindfulness in Childbirth and Parenting MBCP is a research based mindfulness skills focused course. Evidence shows this robust training for mind, heart and body decreases stress levels, creates greater confidence and resilience, improves communication between partners, increases resilience to pain and much more.

See more information at Mindful Birthing www.mindfulbirthing.org

I am a certified teacher of this program currently seeking couples willing to participate online for a period of 9 weeks. The course also includes a retreat style day of practice. If you would like to know more about the course, or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

This program is you if you would like to practice and cultivate mindfulness skills in a group context, during class and in between sessions. The purpose of the training is to see for yourself what happens/changes when you commit to a regular mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness cultivated during pregnancy has benefits in stress reduction (and alot more) and developing the ‘habit of mindfulness’ means that you already have inbuilt tools and resilience, by the time you reach the transition of labour and parenting beyond.

You will have a shared language and perspective to support your relationship to begin (or continue) your parenting life together. This course is for both people, partners have their own experience of birth and parenting and benefit just as much as the birthing person.

YOU WILL LEARN.. through a mindfulness lens

  • physiology of birth from a mind/body perspective
  • practices for working with pain/positions for labour
  • partner support skills
  • social and emotional needs of the newborn
  • breastfeeding
  • mindful movement practice (yoga)

If finances are proving difficult, a payment plan is available.

Maximum 10 couples.

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Jotara Watson

Midwife, sexuality therapist, mindfulness facilitator
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